The webinar series.

Need help? - help with using the virtual classroom system, logging in and troubleshooting.

Upcoming Events

Scheduled events are listed under 'Upcoming Events', with further sessions to appear once they are confirmed.

Please RSVP according to the instructions on each event listing. Prior to the event you will receive email conformation with preparation and login instructions.

Past Events and Archives

View videos and archives of past sessions in a number of formats.

Call for contributors

If you have an e-assessment related topic that you would like to present at one of our events please contact us.

How to Participate

Webinars will be held using a virtual classroom system which allows voice, video and text interaction between the speaker and the audience members. Each session will be made available after the event as an archive and YouTube video. The virtual classroom is a hosted service but it may require you to manually install a 'launcher' application in your computer (please do this well in advance of the session time). Please plug in your audio/mic head-set, enter the webinar room and run the audio set-up wizard to ensure full functionality.

If you are having trouble please read the Help page.

Note: you do not need a password, just enter your name into the 'name' box to enter the room.

Note: presenters will be given presenter rights by us after they enter the room to ensure they have access to presenter tools such as whiteboard, powerpoint upload and application share.